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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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0, added to ;Vw, to make the suffix of the pluperfect, I, 93 3M9; II, 4s; 193;
added to the present participle in sh~if makes a past participle, pai-shi, going;
pai-shi-O) gone, 219,
0 (of. Sh. fiat), sign of interrogation, I, 37,
0is p particle signifying continuance; k<tuoi"Mn-Mins to give continually to eat
and drink, to feed regularly, to pasture^ 1,13.   Of., however, o*, to feed.
.(4 (Sh. the same)* to feed. III, 6,
0, sweet (H.).
P& (Sh. the same), a side; fato-pd, place-sides towards, II, 12.
pa\ to *graze; Pres. Def., j>a-a is grazing, 2291 |?&-% graze tend, a shepherd, 59.
jp (Sh. the same)* to accompany; p$-kdnt accompanied mutually, had sexual
intercourse with, I, 7.
pai (Sh. and Siamese the same), to go, march, walk r Imperafc. pai, 773 238;
Past, pait II, 5 ; pai-ka, I, 5; II, 1, 6,17 ; pm-ka, I, 11; |w    .
/, 1, 231 Participle, pan-mirBhl) going unexpectedly, II, 12; compounded
with kd, to go, usually with the idea of haste; Fut., pai-ka-nd, will go, I,
18; Past, pai-kd-ma    .    .    .   jaw, went and came, went to, I, 21; pai-ka^
jm, went, II, 7; jw-Maw, to run (H.).
i (Kh. pi and Sh. jpot, only used in prohibition), not; paim^ was not, III, 3f 2,
4i, 14
(Kh., Sh. and Siamese the same), a hundreds 18.
(Sh. the same), the inouth, 36*
pdk (Kh. the same)s to return, come back j pdk-ma, came back, came home, 1,34.
jpa (Kh, the same), to divide; Imperat., pan, I, 3; pdn-ktin, began to divide, 1,3.
jw% the meaning of this word is unknown.   In Kh. phdn Im means * what sort* ?
fdn occurs in pank& (? what-each), which is used as a relative pronoun;
&0., 1,14, (the husks) wbich (he gave to the swine); pdn*k& luk-ko, the son
who (wasted thy substance), I, 47; M-me $>dn-ku, the cow which (I bought),
II, 2.   Other meanings of pan are 'flax',c to divide \ *to turn round *, to
pang (Sh. the same), to be ruined; tdk~pdngs become rained, 1,9; tak-lw tak-pdng,
spent, I, 8.
pe (Kh. and Sh. the same, Siamese hpe), a goat; jpe-w^a, a goat, I, 45 (Sh. jpe-
115?^, a he-goat); pe-ngd thukt a he-goat, 150; $e-ngd me, a she-goat, 151.
pet> see $it>
phd, (Kh. kdng-pM, ? Sh. #Ad, a covering, a waist-cloth, a cloud), the sky, heaven,
1,19,25; III, 1, 4: (Kh. phd, a cloth), a garment, I, 27 (bis); $hd-ko (nom.),
God, III, 10; pM, God, III, 7,15,18, 20.
phd (Kk and Sh, the same), to divide; phd-kkrwig-klting*half, 232S see khnmg.
(Kh, and Sh. the same, Siamese/at), fire, 65.
k> a feast, I, 38, 49.
} an order, III, 11; phdn-khdm hau, to give order word, to command, to orders
1,129 26 ; phdn mau, thy order, I, 43.
pkdn (Kh. and Sh. the same), poor, poverty; phu plum) to fioat on poverty, to
be poor, to be destitute, 1,10,
, sorrow ; phdn jak> in great sorrow, 1,42 (? connected with Sh. pM, to
suf er horripilation).